Thinking before the sun awakes

We can’t tolerate to see people who force us to confront the parts of us that we’re afraid to admit are not honoring to self and others.

We push them away.

It’s easier to blame them than to work on Self.

Are we sacrificing to uphold the things that KILL what’s meant to enhance our lives in love, in honesty, in communion, and in Spirit?

When you truly understand and want to change, you will.

You will.

It’s loving yourself and others on a deeper level.

It’s loving and respecting what God has blessed you into, even when it’s been hard to understand why.

It’s about sacrificing your lusts and temptations and investing in a force and experience that only a power greater than you could have constructed.

But hey, are we too selfish to see and surrender and daily walk in the discipline that comes with each breath you take…:

Let that marinate.

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