It’s me again, God

From Pixabay by Dankele

There’s nothing we can do without you.

And it’s our heart’s desire to be used for your glory and to believe in your promises.

We thank you for the ability to connect with you and partake of your grace and love.

No, it hasn’t been easy. No, we aren’t immune to pain. No, we don’t always know what to do next and sometimes not right now.

But, you are the hope that we trust in. You are the friend that never leaves our side. You are the healer of our deepest wounds. You are the collector of our tears. You are our teacher when we can’t see the path. You are the love that we seek within others. You are almighty.

Our days are not easy. Our hearts are sometimes heavy. Your grace is sufficient.

I thank you. We thank you.

We ask that you continue to reveal and assignment your plan.

We thank you in advance.

We sit at your feet in humble adoration.

Thank you for hearing our heart’s cry and worship.


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