Dear God,

This week.. has been a week.

The mental and heart replays: “You ARE The Source Of My Strength.”

The internal processing displaying in the external. My mouth speaks prayers. My heart lifts them into other realms. My body remains still and isolated.

“You Have Equipped Me With All I Need For Today, A Day I’ve Been Blessed With.”

It’s not easy when it feels like the less you require, the more you struggle to obtain it. It’s hard when you don’t ask for a large quantity but desire an authentic and loving blessing and wholeness. Forgive me for my sadness within your supply. I am grateful but I’m tired. I’m grateful but I feel stagnant. I am grateful but sometimes you feel a mile away. I’m pushing forward in faith.

“I Surrender All.”

Surrendered but feeling alone. I seek You. I surrender and seek your presence in overflow. I give it all to you.

I ask that you continue to walk with me. I thank you for who you are and your love. I thank you in advance for wholeness and fellowship. I thank you for all that my words are unable to form yet my soul reveals to you. I thank you for answered prayers and humility. I thank you for removing what’s not your plan and delivering and revealing what is. I thank you.


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