You’ve been working hard but still playing it safe. It’s been hard trying to devise a fool proof plan to succeed. After all, it’s not just you that you’re looking out for. Other lives depend on you. Your moves have to be more patient, more calculated, and, what feels, less risky.

You’re tired though. Tired of almost getting there but it’s not counting. Yet, you keep pushing even through the fatigue. Not knowing if this moment, this day, or this second will be the moment you’ve been working so hard for.

Please don’t give up and keep working in faith. It’s your faith that’s kept me and so many others pushing right along with you. Yes, we all cry and lose countless hours of sleep… just wanting the load to be eased, finances to overflow, connections to be authentic, and God’s voice and plan to be crystal clear.

Yes, we too struggle with peace and contentment while striving for more. Yes, we too have so many ideas and plans in action and wonder if they’re premature or silly. No, they’re not. We must keep moving forward.

Even if the companion isn’t there, keep moving forward. Give thanks.

Even if you can’t even fathom what tomorrow will bring, keep moving forward. Give thanks.

Even if the only one you can talk to is God, keep moving forward. Give thanks.

You see, our biggest challenge will always be in finding peace, joy, and wholeness right now. No matter what the future holds. We already have it but we get distracted. We have to be reminded sometimes. So, stop and take a moment and just say thank you. Allow it to fill you and overflow. Now, smile. We have arrived.


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