Today: Reality and Possibilty

Image from Pixabay by qimono of watch, glasses, and a pen

As I sit here, I wonder…

What does Today look and feel like?

Someone’s day feels different than yours and mine.

To someone the air may be too constricting to formulate the word, “Help.”

To another, today is a question of freedom wrapped in bars and entrance buzzes.

Across the world, freedom dances upon the skin of another, as ocean waves crash in the backdrop and salt is tasted in the air.

And yet, there’s another whose only taste of ocean has been through the pages of a book while sitting at the kitchen table eating rice, no salt, as a pseudo parent cashes another check solidifying a bland existence.

What does today feel like?

For you? For me? Us? Them?

So, how do we connect in a light that’s the best and most productive, without manipulating, dismantling, and allowing fear to continue to breed in greed, disloyalty, dishonesty, and darkness?

What could today BE if we changed I, you, Us, and We?

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