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If I were to say the last few weeks have been amazing, it would utterly be a bold lie that not even Trump can beat, and he’s a pro. Emotionally, depleted is an understatement. Physically, there’s work to be done and I can do much better. Spiritually, I’ve been open, honest, loving, and pouring deeply into it. Proud of myself actually and the journey it’s taking me on.

However, I still feel tapped out and lacking progress. So, as I continue to strive more, my writing is surfacing more. This alone is a light shining in the darkness. It’s hope that I’m a step closer to the balance within the chaos. It’s a reminder to release what’s being pent up inside.

On a brighter tip, my urge to reflect on a minimum of three gratitudes has returned. It’s time to flip the frustration into the fuel that I need. So, here it goes:

1. I express gratitude for the ability to be a positive influence in the lives of youth and being trusted to take them and have a wonderful time at the museum last week.

2. Resilience. There’s something within that keeps me pressing forward even when I want to give up. For this, I express my gratitude.

3. Prayer. I don’t know how, what, when, who or the plan but I’m grateful for the power and connection of prayer. I pray I don’t miss or misuse my gifts, nor repeat the same lessons that don’t enhance the journey.

The more I write, the more I heal.

Father, continue to guide my footsteps and gift me the discernment for each moment.

Thank you for the unexpected reminders today that it’s going to get better, even when I can’t always see the path, feel the hope, and am alone.

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