There are times…

Photo by quimono from Pixabay of watch, glasses, writing utensil

There are times when I want to give my heart permission to open the door, instead of throwing paper airplanes that contain Love over the fortress wall.

There are times when Romeo should have a plan and passion and peek over the wall in pursuit of what’s behind it, even if it takes earning a few callouses.

There are times when one day will be today and the sound of a key unlocking a door and a familiar voice of trust walks into exactly where the soul wants to be.

There are times when I won’t wake up in broken sleep because peace and progress are the pillow upon which my head rests.

There are times when I’ll share through purposeful and intentional words and actions what a post won’t be able to contain because my heart overflows.

There are times when what was will be while striving for more because I’m blessed to be a blessing as my cup runneth over.

There are times when I decide to lay down and a moment like this… an urge… a thought… a post… a reader such as you… maybe this is what we’re purposed to do šŸ§”

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