Smothering Optimist

Photo by Darksouls1 on Pixabay of crying angel

What happens to the Optimist that’s beginning to be smothered by dark clouds? Unsolicited upsets, complaints, and bitterness spewing from the unhealthy lifestyles of others, and at “guard down” moments of self, deplete hopeful breaths.

Yes, the loving Optimist plucks her own nerves at everything feeling like a solitary movement of thought, a flowing against the grain.. again and again.

Sometimes a small rose shines forth within the midst of mediocre fields of wasted potential and pursuits of what is meaningless. She reaches for the handful of beauty and soon drips the blood of a reminder that sacrifices still have to be made on the journey.

Broken, she plops down, exposed knees on glass and concrete. “I surrender all. I can’t do this on my own. Please restore my hope and trust in You. Heal, Forgive, and Love me back to your vision and purpose of me. As you’ve sacrificed yourself for me, I surrender my all to You. You’re the only One capable of any and everything. With Love, hear my heart and soul moaning for you.”

With a bowed head and humble heart….

Only the two know what happens next

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