Love’s Presence

Art by pixel2013 at Pixabay key flowers rock love I love when you can look at someone and a movie reel plays in your mind. A look that breeds images of wrestling on soft carpet because the love and jokes drove you into each other’s playful arms. Or maybe, cooking in the kitchen and a warm arm comes over you and pulls you close as you receive soft kisses to the back of your neck.

A subtle warmth and a thank you for being in this life journey.

It’s images like that which inspire hope in others, fuels desire, composes memories, and makes you hold on tighter when the stormy days are present.

This isn’t my current reality. However, I can’t deny the beauty of love when you see it pass from a father to a son, from a mother to her sister, and from friendships that have been tested and still value and honor one another.

Love. It’s the sweet composition of what life has woven into even the smallest of places. I respect it. I recognize it. Maybe one day, it’ll come in an alternate form for me, such as companionship. But even if it doesn’t, I’ll continue loving others in the roles that they fill in my life, and I in theirs.

I express my gratitude and pray that I’ll never become so hardened that I fail to see love and allow misused illusions of love to break others hope in true love. We’re all greater than the unnecessary pains we consciously produce.

Walk in Love. It’s rewarding when you truly understand its power, its sacrifice, its hope, its loyalty, and so so much more.

I pray love seeps into your darkest places and plants a seed of light that no one is able to dim. I pray love heals your past and allows you to be a blessing of truth in your present and future. Allow love to inspire you.

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