Am I doing this wrong

This isn’t the way that you envisioned it.

Looking around you begin to question what routes, what advice, or what decisions led to your present placement. I mean, cautiously you kept the beautiful parts of you contained, disciplined, and true. You responded to healing and you released the past, present, and future to God.

Each step intentional, thoughtful, purposeful, and vulnerable.

There’s a clarity and understanding that this may have been out of your control, like the other paths that led to pain and joy. It’s easy to lose faith in others, in love, and in connection.

Breathe. Don’t lose faith in yourself. Don’t forget your value. Don’t forget your gifts. Don’t forget that you possess a light that can’t be extinguished by others unless you allow it.

So, look at each lesson as a training course that enhances your skills and makes you wiser and stronger. The people and events are to complement the journey, not define your peace and happiness.

It’s when we start creating the paths for ourselves that we start to learn more about self, test our boundaries, and discover what truly matters to us. Take the time to know yourself, embrace the journey, and not allow it to make you crumble under the weights that sometime appear.

Affirmation: I’m a beautiful presence that recognizes the greatness of others, without sacrifice myself.

Affirmation: I speak life into myself and into the life of others. And when darkness arises, I proceed with faith because I’m equipped for this journey.

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