Climbing a stair/moment at a time

The stairs are not always easy to climb on the road to accomplishing your goals. There’s no easy ride escalator that takes you to the destination of your choosing.

A plan is needed. It requires a lot of pushing and pulling, sweating and prioritizing, There’s a need for faith, prayer, and action.

Many times the day will feel overwhelming from the start or from the perception of things. Remember to Pause. Breathe. Tackle one thing at a time.

Remind yourself that you are equipped with all that you need, the energy that you need, and it’s going to be okay. Give thanks for your present positioning. Give thanks for the clarity and fuel needed to conquer the day. Give thanks for the mindfulness of the moment and the blessing of life to partake in the opportunity.

So, take a deep breath. Rest a moment. Then, climb another stair on this amazing journey of life.

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