Morning Flow

Today. A day of flowing without the barriers creating stress.

Started the morning early, 04:30. Moon smiling and whispering its peace, as the majority of the house’s occupants entertained dreams and comfort unbroken by my stirring.

Hazelnut drops made new hues within my java blend. I was up, not ready to process much more but awake.

Fresh scent of bath wash leaving its citrusy bubble filled residue after forced removal of warm water drops… Ahh. I’m awake now.

Thank you and prayers filled the once quiet space. I sought direction for this day. The peace was priceless. It was my companion. I express gratitude.

At work, a few hours in Greece (mentally) as I read Philippians 1. It amazes me still how Paul demonstrated such love, humility, dedication, vulnerability, and transparency, even with uncertainties in his future and a restrictive present situation. His power in his dedication was felt in each line. Wonderful way to continue the morning.

Small break to work and be entertained. By 09:30, coding was calling me. Hours and hours. Oh my, it’s 13:00. Proud of the productivity and even logging the process. The feeling of focus and accomplishment was, and is, priceless. Grateful for it.

Of course, there was a lot more but why continue to bore you 😊 Today was full of increase, whether spiritually or knowledge based. Completely mindful, peaceful, and empowering. Thank you God for this beautifully brilliant day.

Dear Reader, I pray and hope your day is/was a blessing as well.

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