My Mic, You’re Off Talks

Just a moment to stand at the mic….

I’m sick and tired of being the recipient of anything other than kindness, love, support, and help. No more of the wayward comments and unmet portions of people not being their best and most positive.

And before the “no one is perfect” argument, I understand that and accept that. But, I won’t honor not even making the effort to be better and committing to it daily.

I get it. Life can be so callous. I’ve dealt with it in many forms and lost many parts of myself trying to be the healing for others, but my intent wasn’t to harm nor blame or just use people.

So, here’s to the HomeGoing of energies and people and experiences that don’t wish me well, nor care if I have a paper cut. No, I’m not immune to life and flaws. But when I discover the ill aspects of others and accept it for what it is, the most soulful punt kick off the island will occur.

Yes, it hurts my heart to do it.

Yes, it causes me pain.

Yes, I invested more than others.

Yes, my heart and intentions are good.

Yes, I am fed up.

So here’s to Growth and a mic tap that will make my soul more nurtured by what’s not present to deplete and drain the beautiful parts of ME.

Cheers to what years I’ve gained and less tears being shed. Oh, there will be memory filled moments that ache but I’ll survive. I am life.

*mic off, placed in my backpack, as I walk in the journey once more *

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