There are times when you’re playing with your kids, or listening to a song that makes your soul feel electrified, or your mom made you the most delicious apple pie in the world…

…and without your probing, you look up and the smallest posture, the most subtle phrase, the familiarity of a vehicle, or the way that the wind fiddled with the ruffles on your skirt….

Suddenly, you’re triggered.

Triggered by moments that caused you a great deal of pain.

Triggered by moments that you wish you didn’t recall so well, or at all, in your mind.

Triggers that make you pray, Lord, please help me to move pass this… because you did your best with hope, love, loyalty, patience, prayer, and optimism.

It’s amazing how quick the mind receives, how the heart translates at lightning speed, and you respond.

If this happens to you, be patient with yourself, and keep striving and giving your best. Forgive yourself for what made it a trigger and proceed a moment at a time. In time, you’ll continue to grow stronger and wiser. You’ll continue to overcome so much of what you can’t control.

Take a moment for you. Only for you. A moment to express love to yourself and kindness for yourself. A moment to release what mustn’t be allowed to keep you captive.

You’re doing wonderfully. Keep climbing. You are loved and stronger than you realIze. You’re not the only one that experiences this. You’re human. But, you hold the power in deciding your next step. I encourage you to keep progressing.

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