Encouragement to Lifestyle

Life is a series of loving and letting go.

If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s making sure that you remember who you are and in what you base your foundation and Love is a part of that.

I’ve learned not to make excuses for my actions and decisions. You can’t blame anyone for what you’re unwilling to acknowledge, to be vulnerable about, to change for the better, and so so much more. I own it.

My ongoing prayer is that those I’ve encountered along this journey get the healing, the love, the courage, the honesty, the ambition, the integrity, the spiritual relationship, the forgiveness, and the clarity/discernment that they need, even if they’ve treated me horribly. There are things that are bigger than me, ego has no place.

Let’s all keep striving to love ourselves and to truly love others with service and speech. However remember, you have to truly know what Love is.

Be encouraged in order to make it a lifestyle. ✊🏾

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