The Acknowledgment

So many ways to say….

So many missed opportunities to reflect your….

So many incomplete and unresolved moments when there was no response, no effort, and no… acknowledgement.

There were moments when an unexpected received prayer brightened your day.

There were moments when what you needed but couldn’t side step pride to request or receive, but it was placed for you to find and partake anyway.

Seconds and hours, days and weeks, months and years of gaining yet never taking the time to…. acknowledge.

Hmm.. maybe some of the acknowledgements were sent but never received by the self-less giver.

Maybe the universe stored the surplus of your intentions of acknowledgments right along with the missing mates to socks.

Or maybe the giver should have stopped sharing the priceless portions with you…

Nope because it would make her start to reflect the starving parts of you.

To all those who give and love and you may never hear an I’m sorry, a Just Because or a Thank You, I see you.

I appreciate you.

I thank you.

I thank you.

I thank you for being you.

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