Application and Awareness.

Beautiful, Blessed, Brilliant.

Carefully, Consciously Creating.

Delicately deciding directions.

Essentially everything ends.

Faithfully forgiven, finally.

Gratefulness goes gallantly.

Humorous humans helping.

Indeed, it’s interesting.

Just joking joyously.

Keeping kindness kindred.

Letting love lead.

Many midnights mourning.

Needs neglected, nevertheless.

Opening our options.

Planning, preparing, proceeding.

Quiet, Quick question.

Respectful, Reflective, Refreshing.

Soul Satisfying. Sorry.

Time tends Tears.

Unable, Unwilling, Uninvited.

Very Verifying Vices.

Wishing, willfully, wondering.

Xenial, Xenization, Xeric.

Youthful. Yearning. Yourself.

Zany. Zestful. Zaftig.

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