Sunshine finally… well, never mind



Had one of those days… scratch that years in which you finally see the sun peeking through the clouds… and you know that all that gratitude and hard work has fueled you and helped you through it all…. and you have finally arrived….

And then just as you step out without the raincoat and umbrella, with your brilliantly fresh and lively colors and then… the THUNDERSTORMS rain down again.  Got to be quicker than that!!


Quickly, the ripple in your lips almost form the question Why?  However, you realize, you know what?  You’ve been in the storms so long that this is nothing anymore.  Previous storms have equipped you with the armor, “extra clothes”, and soundtrack for the rainy season that gives you joy, fuel, tools for new game plan creations, and so much more.

You’ve learned how to dance in the rain, even by yourself in those weathered galoshes.  Somehow you’ve finessed the art of making the struggle look easy and as if you’ve signed up for it.


Even as you want to slide down the rainbows, trampoline on the clouds and allow the wind to tingle the hairs upon your body, you still know you’ll survive this and re-equip for this next season.


Dig Deep! Big Heart! Lessons learned, Wisdom applied! Mindful and Grateful! Never giving up even it may seem like the vision is hard to grasp as reality.  Faith in Action! 

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