Another Gmyle Bag, Yessssss!!!

Greetings Readers and Product Lovers!!!  It’s that time again.  I got another bag (yes, I love bags) that I want to share with you.  These are my thoughts on my latest addition.

So, please say hello to my new Gmyle Sleeve Bag in Grey.

All right, this lightweight bag with it’s slick… maybe not slick, but not scratchy, outside and baby soft felt inside accompanied me on many, many meetings, rides in the Tahoe, and flinging around by kiddos.  Let me mention again the felt inside.  Yes, you can rub it against your baby’s bottom without fear of harm.  A Super, super soft interior that I just couldn’t stop saying wow, this feels great.



The picture above doesn’t quite give the felt justice.  It’s so soft (in my it’s so fluffy voice).  Let me move on.


Not only did I love the interior, I love the fact that the handle may be pulled out to carry it like a briefcase, or they could be folded in to conceal them.  Yes, you can carry this like a binder, notebook, book, or whatever handheld strap-less item you can relate it too.  Oh, and the shoulder strap is removable as well.  But, if you want it present to free your hands up, you can attach and adjust it to your desired needs.




Overall, I really like this bag… a lot.  The best feature is how light weight it is, even with all my extras inside it, including my Surface Pro 3, books, notebooks, and etc.  Yes, I pack the bag to the max with the essentials, you know, chargers, pencils, highlighters, deodorant and stuff.  Ha, yes, deodorant.


Hope you enjoyed the introduction to this product and thanks for taking the time to revel with me in my new bag starry eyes moment.  Carry on with your amazing day.  Hugs.


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