Letters to Self 0902

Dear Self,

I thought you should know that I love you.

That your design and brilliant mind piece together perfectly with your loving heart but guard it and give it wisely.

There are numerous times when I wanted to hug you just to say I forgive you, just to say I understand you, just to say you are equipped with all you need and more for where you are right now.

The twinkle in your eyes, even through some of the worst days, guide me back to you. Soul windows reflecting your light for all to see.

I adore you for digging deep as you heal your wounds. These scars and those to come will never stop you.

Wait, did I say how much I love you? Your humility and thankfulness have stolen my heart many a day. It brightened my path as I walked more your way.

We grow together. We cry together. We laugh and jump, and clumsily trip together. See, you’re not alone. I’m always here with you. I’ll never give up on you.

I honor you with my words and my actions, as I give you my best. And when we stop to take a rest, the Divine is the water that we need that sustains us until our next break.

I’m proud of you. So continue to be good to you as you walk this journey. I’m here with you. I’m your friend to the end and beyond.

Take care of you. đź’›

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