Finding the way back

Where have you gone? I miss you. 
The fire in your eyes and your energy when you entered the room could be tasted. 
You were savory delicious honey filled hope and overflowing unquenchable optimism that was so refreshing to the soul. 
Sadly, the best of you has gotten lost within the scarred vulnerability of your heart. You’ve fermented on failed expectations that stain your concrete walls around your heart, like the red on a koolaid licked palm. 
I miss you. I remember when you rose before dawn to pen your blessings and dreams between decorated lines of your composition books. Where are you? 
I crave you. Your showers were drenched with hums and hope. Your eagerness made any gray day still blaze with passion.  
I’m seeking you. The meditations of your heart, the guidance of your friends, the creative visions and tangible sketches, the books and vibes, the beauty in every detail, the purposefilled and gently placed thoughts, words, and actions … I seek that within you again. 
But I can feel that you’re coming back. This writing is part of that path to regain what has gotten jumbled within the weeds but not lost. You’re searching and mapping out this new territory. I’ll be right here ready and waiting for you. Gina (me), you’re reclaiming self.  Keep pushing. 

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