Scammers, no one asked for your input 

This week another scammer tried to deceive me. So, of course, I need to write.,..  
Baffled by the conscious day after day of your delighting in the shadows of deception that’s fueled by the light and good intention of others. 

Your foundation thrives off the hardwork and efforts of others but you fail to use your own Evil for good. 

Revelation. The light of questioning touches your shadowy grime and you cower in fragility without remorse, unable to own your self-appointed journey. 

My core is Sickened with dagger filled hopes that you inflated by lurking.. awaiting my… expectation. 

My insides refrained from wishing peril on your every action, instead I prayed that your darkness is consumed by love and light. 

May that light breathe forgiveness and lifestyle change as you make right all your wrongs. 

My disappointment isn’t larger than my heart but my frustration is deeper than any sea. 

If you’re one of the ones that scam people for a living, you’re not really living.  You’re death in action perpetratoring as logic. May your mirror be lifted rendering you unable to look away. 

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