Thank you 

My soul sings praises to you for life 
Through these words I give thanks for Your Grace, Your Love, and Your Mercy.

I express gratitude for the strength of those reading this and those uplifted in prayer within the raised hands and hearts.

I pray that You continue your work in healing that person who’s in my past but always in my heart.   May he continue to pray for and with his kids as you show up in their lives daily. 

I pray for my nephew as he’s in Marine training and embarking on a new journey. Let him know you’re with him and family will always be an anchor in love, support, inspiration, and guidance. 

I pray for all those hurting and seeking healing, as I am as well. May peace and comfort surround us at our lowest and be a pillow of rest for us at our highest. 

I pray for clarity, guidance, increase, and continued humility as I’m of service to others as you lead my path. 

Thank you for this present moment in which I recognize your greatness and honor you. 

You deserve it. You’re all mighty and always present. 

Thank you for all that you have done, you do, and will do.

May my heart speak to you when my words won’t come forth. May my tears be the river of my soul that I pour out to your Holy Spirit. May my hands be lifted in praise and surrender. 

Thank you. Amen. 

4 thoughts on “Thank you 

  1. Man blaque girl!!! My eyes just welled up in tears. I had to stop and regroup. Powerful pray…all I can say with a humbled heart is Amen!!!!

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