I’m no Chef, and I don’t play one on TV

Soooo… I smiled today and let me tell you why. A friend from my tech group sent me a free week of Blue Apron. She’s awesome right. I think so too. 

Well, majority of the people know I can’t cook… it’s very limited. I’m a picky eater and my schedule, since I was young, has made me a restaurant menu pointer. Select and eat. Boom, there it is. Finances have put that in check. Rapidly. 

Moving right along, the Blue Apron box arrived this week and I’ve made two out of the three meals. Yesssss it was fun because it was new and I loved the packaging. Design can reel me in. It triggers my inner nerd. 

So, I had to share the meals. The first is Garlic Parmesan Roasted Potatoes, Steak with Hot Chili butter, and a spinach and cheese salad.  The spinach was supposed to be cooked but I don’t like cooked spinach. I like it raw with dressing and cheese. Made it happen captain. Quick and unburnable.  It doesn’t look like Food Network but here it is. 

Mannnnnn, it was delicious. Mm-mm good. Food-Itis started to kick up so I drank some coffee ☕️. 

The second meal consisted of Roasted Sweet Potatoes.. they aren’t evenly sliced because it’s so hard to cut without losing my hand. And with a messed up left hand, it didn’t help the cause.

It was fun though.  
Also, this second meal consisted of pickles that I dilled by cutting cucumbers and coating it in lemon juice, fresh dill, white wine vinegar, garlic, and sugar. Not bad, not bad.  
And also I made shrimp po boys.  The shrimp was coated in a sauce consisting of creamy mustard (with a kick), celery, and lemon juice. 

Let me tell you this was sooooo good I almost bit my fingers.  The creamy mustard has horseradish in it that opens up any sinus issues you may have.. but it’s so tasty that it’s worth it. 

Anyway, here’s the picture. 

I have to say that as nontalented as I am at cooking, this was a delight to make and devour. 
 My goal is to be able to save up some loot and treat myself to a year, or at least six months, of Blue Apron meals for the new recipes and experience.  Not financially cut for this just yet but hey it’s coming.  

Thanks for reading this and allowing me to share the experience with you. 

2 thoughts on “I’m no Chef, and I don’t play one on TV

  1. Sounds good. I guess that Blue Apron includes all the ingredients so one doesn’t have to go to the store with a list of things that can’t be found in a mega store in less than one hour. I love to cook, but there are no more neighborhood grocery stores that I can walk into, know exactly what isle to go to, and get checked out in less than half an hour.

    Thus, when I shop for groceries it’s usually enough to last 2 or 3 weeks. That means I don’t get as many fresh salads and fruits as I would like, but at least my feet won’t hurt walking the equivalent of 5 city blocks and standing in line for 20 minutes. 🙂

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    1. I dislike the shopping. You’re so right. More time is spent in line and hunting confused. It would be nice to grow some dill, spearmint, and other herbs and vegetables in a garden. Fresh and ready.

      Yes blue apron was nice to have all the ingredients. I only met the FedEX guy at the door with the box and he was smiling and such a delight. Nice people make the day better. Good experience all the way around.


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