Trusting the process 

I’ve dealt with a lot over the last few years, and the start of this year wasn’t the greatest. A friend told me I remind him of Job. Like things just keep coming up but I still try to keep the faith and see the good in it, while hoping for the best. 
Some of you feel the same way: There are people you should be over. There is a smile on your face as you wake up in pain each day. And sometimes it seems easier to give up then to keep battling. 
But, let me encourage you to continue pushing on. These clouds, these storms, these mountains aren’t always present. The sun will shine even as you sweat toward the reward. There are people that will help you heal along the journey. And there are angels on Earth that will never leave your side when you both are tested. Keep pushing forward. Keep being loving and truthful. Keep being committed and honest. Keep being the best version of you. 
So change what you can today. Let go of what you can’t. It’s not easy but trust the process. Love and pray for those who hurt you. Everyday express gratitude for what’s present right now. 
It takes a while and many tears but refuse to give up


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