Heart: No Vacancy

The awareness of hearing a stranger that I’ve known for so long say I Adore You. Blindsided by the admission.  This is how I used to feel before the present pain, but not for the stranger. The previous love revealed that maybe he was a stranger too, which makes this all even stranger. As the words I Adore You enter my ears, my mouth opens with No Vacancy. The light of my heart has burned out and flickers for family and the rare few friends who haven’t hurt me in ways I couldn’t imagine. It’s nice to be adored when the heart, mind, body and soul is fertile for the planting. For me, I’m out of season. In a Drought and dealing on my own, alone, as I wish it to be. The stranger walks on because the observation of who I am reveals the truth in my speech. If you pass the one that holds my heart on your travels, buy it and give it a proper pampering. Dig a hole and water it with prayers of a divine protection. Walk on knowing that’s all that is required of you. 

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