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Not Forsaken 

Surrendered and empty  I lay my heart at your feet 

Asking why the pain and the connection of a love that leaves me weak 

Not understanding why things have to be so hard 

Too late to go back and refuse to let down my guard 

Shifting my mind and heart to trust in your plan 

Take my heart and mind, Father, and heal it with your hand 

Grateful for my faith and trust in you 

Thank you for loving me and promising never to forsake me too 

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Wordsmithing My Spirit

The moment when your heart feels the pain

Your pen finds the words to write again

You breathe within the lines to stay alive

When your insides feel like they are eating you alive.  

Painted a verse on what hope looks like 

Let tears flow to cleanse my brushes at night 

Created landscapes that reminded me of love 

While my faith and trust prepares me for the arrival of the dove 

Therapeutic words that will always listen when no one else will 

Grateful for this gift that aids in expressing how I feel