Today I…

Today wasn’t easy but it aided in my healing. Moments of thanks expressed in praises with a bowed head, closed eyes, and open heart. 

Of course, I miss him. “Love leaves a mark.” When you connect and see so much in a person and it feels like…  

Don’t want to feel that but I embrace and accept it. Seeking serenity I accept what I can’t change. I proceed with courage in what I can change, Self. Wisdom prayed for and always applied in knowing the difference on the many journeys this life will bring. 

Prayers of thanks for my healing: mentally, physically, and spiritually. It doesn’t make it easy or painless. It allows me to be present, acknowledge, and keep loving myself and the moments as I pass through them. 
Grateful that distractions don’t keep me from healing myself. 
Grateful for pushing through my fears and worries because the bigger picture is in full focus. 
Grateful for wholeness as it keeps me from seeking the people and things outside of me for completeness. 

Today one more wound was healed.
Today one more thought was corrected. 
Today one more worry was silenced. 
Today one tear dropped but it didn’t keep me broken. 
Today I saw beauty in nature and my family. 
Today I prayed for the plan and path for my upcoming day. 
Today I express gratitude for the changes within me that brings me closer to being the best and exhibiting the highest good for myself. 
Today I didn’t allow fear to stop me before I even tried. 
Today I smiled even as I missed what was before. 
I express gratitude at what the Divine is working on in my life. 


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