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You are a blessing :)

rose give



We all need reminders to keep smiling when our heart may long for what was or what hasn’t arrived in our lives yet.


There are times that we just need to know that our prayers are heard, our hard work is not in vain, and our presence is appreciated.


Guess what?  I want to let you know that what you feel will not last always.   Although there is heaviness or lack, it is temporary.  There are brighter days ahead.


Shift your perspective to what is going right at this moment.


Shift your thoughts to the prayers that have been answered and are being worked on right now.


Shift your tears into tears of joy.  Know that everything is being worked out, even if you are unable to see or feel it right now.


Stand firm on your faith and trust that things will work and come together for your good.

Keep allowing your beautiful heart and mind to shine.


You are already healing mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Raise those hands and tearful eyes upward and give praise!


Give thanks for the breath that flows through your body.


Give thanks for the ability and the resources to read this message.


Give thanks for the ability to have darkness to compare to the light.  There are many that don’t know the difference.


Give thanks for the wisdom that comes within brokenness.


Give thanks for the path that is laid before you and where it will lead that will provide all that you need.


Be encouraged.  Know that someone, yes that’s me, I love you.  I encourage you.  I support you.  I see your pain and I know this too shall pass.  Make sure to find the joy in each day.  You are a light to Self and many others.

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Dear God, 
Only you know the internal unease
The desires that keep me seeking your encounter 

Aching for your shoulder in comfort and your balm for my pain 
Prayerfully seeking your path on this day and this moment 
Peace when my heart feel likes it’s being fileted 
Longing for Reciprocity to overflow from a heart connected to mine
Humbled and submitted to you 
Sometimes I ask what more can I do 
To have a partnership delivered and blessed by you 
On my knees, open mind, and bruised heart 
Piece me together as your Divine art 

Reveal your plan and path 

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Home to what was, what is, and what could have been. 
Purgatory living of love unrequited. 
Where the pain  has to be buried and blessings manifested. 
Where Self speaks the loudest. 
Scary to those who can’t manage without distractions. 
Exchanges of the soul is a love transaction. 
What’s left when attempting runs cold. 
Death to some but to others it’s gold. 
Giving up your voice because it kept falling on deaf ears and a closed heart.

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Not Forsaken 

Surrendered and empty  I lay my heart at your feet 

Asking why the pain and the connection of a love that leaves me weak 

Not understanding why things have to be so hard 

Too late to go back and refuse to let down my guard 

Shifting my mind and heart to trust in your plan 

Take my heart and mind, Father, and heal it with your hand 

Grateful for my faith and trust in you 

Thank you for loving me and promising never to forsake me too 

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Wordsmithing My Spirit

The moment when your heart feels the pain

Your pen finds the words to write again

You breathe within the lines to stay alive

When your insides feel like they are eating you alive.  

Painted a verse on what hope looks like 

Let tears flow to cleanse my brushes at night 

Created landscapes that reminded me of love 

While my faith and trust prepares me for the arrival of the dove 

Therapeutic words that will always listen when no one else will 

Grateful for this gift that aids in expressing how I feel 

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Prayer: Divine Path 

My Prayer: 
**Allow me to see myself through the eyes that you, God, see me with. **
Allow me to hold tight to that as I venture along this path. 
Allow my faith and love to guide me, protect me, and be wholeness. 
Allow the people, places, and opportunities that are in my life be according to your will and highest good .
Thank you for your many blessings and the path that you have laid before me. 
Thank you for mercy and grace. 
Thank you for Everything! 

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Today I…

Today wasn’t easy but it aided in my healing. Moments of thanks expressed in praises with a bowed head, closed eyes, and open heart. 

Of course, I miss him. “Love leaves a mark.” When you connect and see so much in a person and it feels like…  

Don’t want to feel that but I embrace and accept it. Seeking serenity I accept what I can’t change. I proceed with courage in what I can change, Self. Wisdom prayed for and always applied in knowing the difference on the many journeys this life will bring. 

Prayers of thanks for my healing: mentally, physically, and spiritually. It doesn’t make it easy or painless. It allows me to be present, acknowledge, and keep loving myself and the moments as I pass through them. 
Grateful that distractions don’t keep me from healing myself. 
Grateful for pushing through my fears and worries because the bigger picture is in full focus. 
Grateful for wholeness as it keeps me from seeking the people and things outside of me for completeness. 

Today one more wound was healed.
Today one more thought was corrected. 
Today one more worry was silenced. 
Today one tear dropped but it didn’t keep me broken. 
Today I saw beauty in nature and my family. 
Today I prayed for the plan and path for my upcoming day. 
Today I express gratitude for the changes within me that brings me closer to being the best and exhibiting the highest good for myself. 
Today I didn’t allow fear to stop me before I even tried. 
Today I smiled even as I missed what was before. 
I express gratitude at what the Divine is working on in my life.