Shifts from being filled to empty…



Shifts from being filled to being empty again…

It’s amazing how quickly love can fill you with hope and optimism.

It’s refreshing how a hug, touch, and caress from your heart’s desire can soothe all wounds.

And, then it can all change drastically if the focus isn’t on the goal and scars are allowed to take center stage.

Confusion, frustration, and stages of grief follow.

We put forth so much effort into trying to make the best out of circumstances and treat others right.

But, when you have a moment that doesn’t define you, even as hurt fueled the motives, when do you get to rest and heal from the pain?

When are you able to put it behind you?

It requires prayer, faith, and forgiveness.  In prayer, I laid myself bare from allowing my anger to dictate my unfavorable responses based on what another did or did not do.

I’m accountable for not achieving perfection and allowing emotions to lead over logic.

I also am forgiven of any past actions and choices, and I walk with increased knowledge for application for the present and future.

It seems this is a constant cycle in all that we do, from career to love, and so much more.

It still doesn’t take the pain away from when you aren’t allowed by others to move forward from that in trust, love, understanding, willingness, support, and etc., especially when you apply that to others positively.

It’s a reminder of knowing that you are doing your best and you only owe it to yourself to know that you have changed, whether it’s validated by others or not.

Truly, I am drained at being the hopeful one with understanding that things happen and things will need to be worked through, especially when dealing with others.   But, I don’t give up.  It’s life.

If you are reading this, know that your past does not define who you are, if the change within you is authentic.

You can not convince people of what they don’t want to see within you, nor what they want to work toward with you without sacrifice and investment.

Keep being a light, and striving for the best.

Keep loving and applying understanding to others, as well as yourself.

And, if you are truly a great person with a beautiful heart trying your best and sharing that light with others, applaud yourself for that. Salute yourself.

It’s not always easy and at times you will feel like you didn’t bring your best self forward.

Reboot and Start again. Clear your mind. Forgive yourself. And keep progressing in love.

Most importantly, make sure to refill your own cup.  You can’t be anything if you don’t have a full cup.  Self-Love and care first.

It’s going to get better.  It already is.


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