Blog, Hear Me Roar


Eyes will rebel when the tears they cry start to become routine

A heart that “almost” experienced a feeling other than pain “almost” beat happily

A pen’s ink smeared across forearms and cheeks, still not producing fast enough for the writer’s emotions

An unfinished book containing too real of a life outside of its covers provides love for a lukewarm coffee cup

Nina’s moan across keys painting the moods of unresolved attempts of making sense of the world

A baby cry forecasts the story of its life, alternations of pain and joy

I sit and type this within another moment that I wish was the last moment at the expense of a passionate heart

Optimism, love, and hope cling tightly to each second

Personal time catering to prayers, writing, surrender, and release

Once again, writing until I see another rainbow and smiling even with the uncertainty hanging overhead

Gratitude rising for this blog of nonjudgment and unlimited ears and eyes for what I must release


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