Dear Love…

Dear Love,

The pain that you feel will be eased in time.  It isn’t easy for you to take back the pieces of you but yofont-b-abstract-b-font-font-b-art-b-font-font-b-yellow-b-fontu claw over the minefields that threaten your essence.  Driven by your heart and spirit, you plant hopes in the fields to bloom when the time to harvest arrives.  Your rainy season nurtures your growth.  Darkness illuminates the inner light that many times you suppress to help others build theirs.  The weight on your chest reminds you that there are others that carry a load as well.  

So, you press on with an extended hand, gathering and tending to their wounds.  Many times you are not acknowledged for the love that pours from you consistently and unconditionally.  But, now, you take the time to be still, and allow your own cup to be refilled by the Divine who guides you.  I salute you and I support you.  

These hugs and love will always be present for your consumption and care.  Take time to heal and rebuild the love for yourself.  Know that your worth and value do not decrease because others didn’t protect the gem that you are.  So, I send this message of love.  Please receive it as an apology for all those that didn’t.  Receive it as the ears when no one listened.  Receive it as a smile that matched yours on the day when gratitude flowed from you. Receive it and know that I am here.  


Everything that you need and more

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