Tight Roping The In-Between



Too much of a good thing… can be addicting.  

Not enough of some things… can be malnourishment.

Tightroping the in between in a cyclical fashion. 

At times as an observer while still participating in the flow. 

Circling around.  Some things change. Others remain the same… seemingly. 

Choices to release and rebuild the scenery that changes as change comes within Self

It’s not a pretty piece on the shelf of life.

Maintenance is required. 

Being led by a higher power. Power within grows higher. Higher but level on this plane. Once seeking an authentic person and an inner name.

Sipping on peace and subtlety.

Uncertain of what the end of this life will be.

Content and secure in faith and love. 

I’m protected and renewed like a morning dove. 

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