Trading Pain for Peace


“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. “

Peace and Progress.

The above quote aided in restoring my peace.  I released my grasp on what was outside of me and tapped into the higher presence inside and around me.

Oblivious.  I am not oblivious to the moments that can bid on snatching the peace away causing me to feel like my progress has been reset.

It has been a long journey to get back to this place, and it required me letting go of soooo much.

I took back control of the areas that we often attempt to share with others, like our heart, our time, our emotions, our spirituality, our finances, and so much more.

I reclaimed my peace by investing in spiritual growth.  Along the way, I put other things on a platform that could not offer me the same.

Easily it happens this way.  We tap out of ourselves and into others and the distractions along the pursuit.

There is a balance to the Self-Care and how we invest ourselves into the world in which we live.

My Self-Care involves daily releasing my grasp on what I can not control nor allow to stress me.  I released the frustration that comes with expectations in regards to the choices of others.  I released the stress of having to get it right in order to achieve growth.

I’ve always been honest with myself.  This same honesty has to be applied to the systems we use and the people within those systems.  I reminded myself of what I need in order to operate at my best self.  And on the not so good days, I remind myself that all is still going well and gratitude is expressed.

I released the fear of losing things that are valuable to me.  There is only soo much prevention, and that still is not a certainty.  There is no certainty, except life, death, and a power greater than me.

This keeps me fueled with peace.  It keeps me humble and the day flows much better.

I encourage you to release the things that you have been battling with. Exercise your faith and courage that you will make the best decision for yourself, even if that means starting over fresh.

You have to make the choice that you will exhibit love, joy, peace, gentleness, integrity, honesty, self-control, patience, understanding, and compassion.

It’s amazing how some of the best rewards are nurtured within pain and perceived darkness.

So, release your grasp.  Release your grasp. Trust yourself and have faith. Allow peace to be present in the process as you progress from one moment to the next.  🙂

I am perched in constant conversation on a rock that is greater than I.

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