Pieces of Peace


Pain frequents the doorstep

more than peace

Glancing around 

asking no one in particular,

“Am I the only one?”

Silence. Aloneness. 

Another unanswered question. 

When did uncertainty become the norm? 

I walk. 

Barefoot. Exposed. 

No destination

No goal

But to feel something new 

A change from pain

Maybe the air is thinner there

And the ground untraveled 


There is LOVE

able to be plucked from trees


dreams and possibilities 

roam freely as entities 

capable of fulfilling the dreamer

manifested through positivity

It could be a place 

where tears replace fears, 


quench all that is broken

and thirsting for the drought

to produce a harvest. 

A glance up at the clouds

My mind

sits me upon comfort and fluffiness. 

A smell so sweet

akin to something

distant and familiar. 

Clarity comes unrushed

with time. 

It’s Hope with a 

splash of Faith.  

Things just might be okay

at least

for this moment

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