Sorrow to Joy



Have you ever felt like you keep revisiting the same painful situation over and over again?  Have you tried different approaches but it feels like it yielded the same results, or viewed by the other person as not having changed anything at all?


I understand the statement, “How does it feel to be a problem?”


Well, not good at all… like someone trying to tattoo an open nerve ending?  The repeated and frustratingly throbbing pain.


Problem is:  It isn’t always painful.. the moments that give joy are enough to provide hope and fuel and expectation.  And then, back to the brick wall.  Ugh, the only thing I can think of is to not have an expectation and continue the same path… or to remove myself from the path and walk in the unchartered grassy area.


It’ll shift my focus, my desires, my thinking, my expectation, and whatever else is needed to not keep hitting the same wall.


So, is it pointless to pray and pray and keep coming back to the same thing?  Let me abandon that thinking…


Allow me to pivot.  I shift from sorrow to joy.  I can’t expect a harvest within sorrow. Why? Who would want to bloom on sorrow filled land? Nothing and no one. I have to shift. I’m shifting. It’s not easy but I have to express joy. My faith is bigger than the circumstances.


I express gratitude for strength and courage.  I’m hurting but I am going to praise, to have faith, and to continue to plant seeds of joy for a bountiful harvest, whatever that may look like.

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