Gratitude and Praise





Have you ever felt a surge of spiritual uplift (internal fire) so great that it feels like you’ll explode if you don’t do something….anything in response?


Praises are going up.


My mood is overflowing with Gratitude. GRATITUDE.  My heart, mind, body, and soul thirsts for more.  Unashamed pleas of not being passed up by the Divine.


You know, it only takes one blessing that you receive…accept…activate to change your entire course in life.


I express gratitude for the moments that I courageously grasped tightly.


I express gratitude for the honor of the gift…to be loved enough to be blessed, even when I don’t always deserve it.


I express gratitude for the courage to walk in the journey in progression on the next level.


I express elation for the ability to move… to feel…to think…to breathe…to write…to cry…to laugh…to express….to be the Amazing woman that I am.


I express gratitude for the past and present people and situations that have aided me along this journey.  Nope, it hasn’t been easy.  Today had some trials.  But, guess what?  I survived it.  I’m still here.


As T.D. Jakes says, if the Divine brought you through that, why would you get here and be troubled.  Let that marinate. LIVE!!!!

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