Mapping Life



Trying my best to do better with my writing and release of what may be on my mind.. what may have inspired me…what has been totally imagined, created, and turned into a post…either way,  it feels good.


The question that resonated with me today came from T.D. Jakes.  He asked, “Do you feel gifted, but lost?”    Listen, my white flag of surrender was waving with my pick me coach hand raised as well.


Ding, Ding, Ding.  Lost and Gifted.  I’m not sleeping on what’s within.  Just the fact that my circumstances may not be ideal for it’s expression presently in the way that my vision projects, creates a constant….let me stress that…C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T  flux in emotions, energy, frustration, anger, and so so many more up and down, twisted about modes that can’t always be expressed and understood by others.


It’s like a battle between what society expects and “attempts’ to shape us into -VS- what truly gives me joy, passion, creativity, fuel, peace, and hope, even on the days when I may not want to do it…I still get motivation once the process starts.  The pieces of the puzzle line up upon the 3d puzzle of this life.


However, the approach I take has to be different, if i want the change to occur.  Don’t worry I am a pro in patience.  The patience zone is overflowing out my cup and causing yours to run over.  Clean that up, though. 🙂 Anyway, between the expression of love and the passion for writing, BALANCE is a must.


I choose not to worry about the things that I can’t control.  Don’t get me wrong, this is truly easier said than done, especially regarding my heart and mind.  Keith Harrell expressed, “Worrying is like a negative form of mediation.”   Preach, Keith.  Preach.   I tap out of the worrying as much as I can.   It alters my mood and energy entirely too much.  It’s not always the situation but the fear and uncertainty combined with the risk of the situation.  Change is in progress.  I will be patient, forgiving, and loving towards myself.


As you know, whenever you push pass your comfort zone, pass your pain, pass your security, risk is involved.  You have to remember to be kind to yourself within the transition while continuing to take steps forward.  Standing still and talking myself out of things is not exercising my faith, my courage, my strength, and my SELF.


I affirm:  It’s tough but I will push toward the reward I seek in line with my vision and gifts.

I affirm:  I push through my pain and comfort because my success in that area is far more important to me.

I affirm:  I will fail in ways but if there is a lesson, then it is another gain toward achieving my goal.

I affirm:  The people and environments that I allow into my life are conducive to my growth, as I am conducive to theirs.

i affirm:  No matter what I will try to look at the positive in the situation and even if the past was associated with a negative outlook.  I won’t be a cynic.


Today is a blessing.  Today new measures, and some revised measures, are taking place.


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