Inner Knee



Thank you for productivity… and clearing my mind which will finally allow me to rest.


The storms I endure will pass.


My mind is on overdrive with worry about so much that I can’t prevent or will forth.


My pleas are of peace, love, and reassurance that I’ve already defeated the unrest bubbling within, and without.


Thank you for the tears that allow cleansing as so much can get bottled up.


Thank you for allowing me to tap back into my writing as a method of release, control, and therapy.


I don’t know why I’m this way but I’m prayerfully and humbly asking that my experiences be used to help build, uplift, and assist others in healing and joy all encapsulated in Divinity.


Please direct my path, my speech, my thoughts, my heart, my writing…especially my heart and my mind.


I give thanks in advance and lift up praises.

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