Tearful letters



It truly requires Herculean strength at times to keep a smile on your face when you really want to lay down and cry.


The body just wants to relax and rest from being strong for so long… from being courageous… from being loving… from being forgiving… from being so understanding and patient that it sometimes causes you pain.


You don’t stand tall for a reward or with a motive. You do it because that’s who you are. It’s the only way you know how to be and it feels so right to you.  A mediocre effort will never do.


You absorb the emotions of others. This cripples you at times. Blindsiding you because you weren’t ready to carry their weight because you’re balancing your own.


You’re peculiar and a sight to behold. Just one simple world can allow a world to unfold. You live in a world that you can’t seem to turn off. It’s beautiful and uplifting, yet lonely.


You write because your face doesn’t want the streak of tears. You write to make sense of your fears. You write to express the love you are unable to contain. You write because you blushed when he said your name. You write because you are overflowing with gratitude. You write because at random times you just bear a deep, dark, and gloomy mood.


You write because it’s a part of you. I write this because I am you.


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