Book Review: Life Expressed in 25 words or less: Distilled Wisdom for Life by Jack Cantwell



Book: Life Expressed in 25 words or less: Distilled Wisdom for Life 

Author: Jack Cantwell

Rating: 4/5


Curious about a summary of the book……Press Me


A few quotes….just a little bit though: 

“A time that was is still a time that is”

“Honest reply does not quell anger”

“Compassion has nothing to do with economics”

My thoughts:


Kudos to the first time author, Jack Cantwell. This book is a series of his observations and experiences written in 25 words or less and resembling the haiku format.

These haikus paint pictures with words that pull you into what he was experiencing at the time. Humor, mindfulness, nature, history, sports, and so much more are woven into the haikus to bring the words to life for you.

Some of the haikus reference the awe of a Power greater than thyself. His poetic style captures earthquakes in Japan, the tragedy and undying spirit of the Boston marathon, the beauty within a can of Miller delight, and the priceless miracles of life.

Here are three haikus that I enjoyed:


“Illiterate man works hard 

To learn reading, 

So he can sing karaoke.

Motivation is a good thing, 

whatever the reason.”


“A bat falls from a tree

into the lap of a man in a parked


The crotch-scratching bat causes the 

man to

vault from the convertible in world

record time.”


Born 5 weeks early.

Dodges every medical bullet.

At 10 he scores a soccer goal

In front of joyful grandparents.

Icing on God’s miracle cake.”

Overall, I liked this read. It was very quick. I’m a bit biased because I love when people are triggered to write their experiences spontaneously and creatively. So kudos to Jack.

Also, this is a nice challenge to writers out there. Why don’t we create a book of haikus that take place over a certain period in our lives?

Pick up the book and then let Jack know what you think of it. His information is within the pages of the read. 🙂









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