Book: Exit the Labyrinth: It’s Onset and Aftermath

Author: Stephanie Kay Bendel

Rating: 4/5


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A Small Dose of Quotes: 


“Remember, it’s not so much what happens but how you interpret it that causes pain” 

“The morally responsible person considers the possible consequences of his deed before he acts” 

“How difficult it was to understand why we feel what we feel”

“Sometimes you have to follow your instincts, even when what they tell you doesn’t seem logical”

“Laws and social structures had been turned inside out and upside down, so powerful was the idea that we not only have the right to question the rules but are sometimes obligated to do so” 



My Thoughts:

“I see a faint light in the dark labyrinth I’ve been living in.”  This quote sums up so much of the book. Stephanie does an impressive work of unraveling into revelation. She uses each glimmer of light (therapy, dreams, conversations, experiences, and family) to build the puzzle of sunshine that was previously pitch black, as there were portions of her life that she could not account for.


Stephanie demonstrates how childhood perspective, interpretation, and feelings mold you into the person you are today. She endured many traumatic experiences as a child, directly and indirectly.

“I’ve learned that’s how the mind works–it does not accept what it isn’t prepared to deal with.”


Overall, Great read. It will encourage you to self-assess lovingly and honestly in order to find balance and acceptance.

Hey, you might learn a few things, such as:  “A screen memory is the memory of an event that arouses an unusual level of emotion because what you are remembering contains elements that are similar to the original trauma–the one you can’t remember.”  I think we all are affected by this crumb of info.


Here’s another:  “It’s not the intuitive knowledge that makes you feel crazy–it’s the doubting of that knowledge.” PREACH! The story of my life. Intuition vs Logic can create internal battles that leave you more confused than you started. Hold my mule a moment, why don’t you.


You don’t have to take my words for how well done this book is weaved together.  Pick up the book, and see what Stephanie’s labyrinth will help you unravel in your life. Happy reading!

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