Palpitations of Love and Pain



Ever get tired, I mean truly exhausted with love being your heartbeat?

Sitting with closed eyes and the slightest sound can make you fall in love all over again.

And to suppress any portion of that expression is like drowning and expecting water to be your air but you’re playing Russian Roulette and blackening out because smothering your love kills the life within

It’s an up and down muddy and flower filled trek when that special one can revive the most downtrodden parts of you

And to be in conflict with that makes the path seem lonely, cold, and dark


Wishing to turn off what makes up YOU, in order to function like the rest of them

Is there a solution, or will the pain make me conform into excuses and faking it, only never to make it?

Or is it a never ending ride that you buckle up for?

These heart palpitations

I now understand the reservation


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