Book Review: The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy (Book 1) by Claire Youmans


Book: The Toki-Girl and The Sparrow Boy

Author: Claire Youmans 

Rating: 3/5


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A few Quotes:


“…for love transcends space and time”

“You can’t change your essence, it only leads to unhappiness if you try.”

“So you have decided to be all of yourself all at the same time.”

My Thoughts:

The story is very imaginative and filled with a mix of unique characters, such as bird children and sea dragons.  A major message presented in this work is ACCEPTANCE of who you are and flowing within that.

There is also emphasis placed on spirituality. Through the actions of the characters, faith and belief possessed the power to change your entire life. How does one handle change?

Change presented itself in cultural and identity roles. The message: Internal wars may lead to external wars if mismanaged.

Overall, the creativity of the story is appealing. However, there were many times boredom set in and I started calculating the page numbers to completion. It just did not keep me coming back for more expectations of wonders. My greatest like of the book is Self-Acceptance. It’s often difficult but necessary for growth and balance.

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