A slight giggle proceeds a serious, yet, emotion-filled eyed expression.  The joke lies within my thoughts:  it really may be dangerous to engage with a writer. Each stroke potently laced with healing or destruction.


Why do I communicate better with words gliding across paper instead of pirouetting off my tongue? You can sniggle now, too.


As I read my past creations, the awe can’t be escaped. This is full of so many things. But, who wrote it? I remind myself that I did. Memories surface of the room that contained my emotions as I released, as best as I safely could. Again, wow. It’s a bit out of bodyish more often than I’m comfortable to admit. My vulnerability feels vulnerable as the power of words transmit.


Now I understand why misunderstanding is the norm for me. My emotions, ideas, and thoughts are INTENSE. You’re right. Intense doesn’t quite capture it either. Maybe I’ll make up a word like BOOMLEXIPHENOMTASTIC.  Just writing that lifted my heart as is the intent of this post. I needed the Boost. 🙂


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