A title requires energy



Ahh, the lovely scent of insomnia permeates my nostrils…tingling the synapses and sending my mind in even more of a frenzy. Cheers to you insomnia! This post exists because of you.

Well, how the heck are you, dear reader?  These past seven days have been entertaining, draining, and a training in life lessons for me. I still feel frazzled and in the negative below zero mark with my energy. This sister is tired. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.


Let’s move on to something Random. Well, not that random because I started thinking about my activities as I wrote the above section. Activities like movies, reading, music, writing and etc. Rebalance Pending.


Reading = Books. Currently, I am reading:

1) The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow Boy by Claire Youmans (Review Pending)

2) Don’t Speak by J. L. Brown (Review Pending)

3) Exit the Labyrinth: A Memoir of Early Childhood Depression, It’s Onset and Aftermath by Stephanie Kay Bendel (Review Pending)

4) No Place to Pray by James Carpenter (Review Pending)

5) Successful Women Speak Differently: 9 Habits that build Confidence, Courage, and Influence by Valorie Burton (ARC)

So much to consume. I have to back off at times as not to become overwhelmed.


Music. I’m always playing Oddisee. The writing and the production are FIRE!!!! Do you see the smoke? Oddisee pens and produces all his tracks. He even has instrumental albums that I use in my “I’m working on something” mode. Want a recommendation?! His mix of “Ain’t that Peculiar” will have you bopping. Yes, it’s the Marvin Gaye sample. And my other favs are “Belong to the World” and “Back of my Mind.” Wait, I’m about to play it now. If there are no more words after this, it’s because I got swept away in the tunes. It happens. A Lot!


Well, I made it back. So on a personal note, do any of you get frustrated with loving others because they aren’t as open yet (if they will ever be)? I mean, it’s not something they are not doing…mmm…more like, you want them to show more love and vulnerability. And then your mind gets drunk on something wild…frustration, joy, anger, understanding, detachment. Think writing this post messed my hair up. Ha! Anyway, that’s all I’m writing for now.

*sips tea and lays pen down*

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