Untitled Title 

I can’t be your reminder of pain. You’ve already experienced too much before me. 
I can’t be the misunderstanding that adds pounds of heaviness to your days, your hours, your minutes, and your seconds. 
I’m unable to fill the void that you fight so hard to keep empty as a trophy of inability to accept all things good, loving, and kind. 
I resign from the instability of the see-saw that effort won’t be applied into going upwards, only to remain on the ground.. in the familiar…in the comfort. 
I can’t be worthy and loved when it’s convenient after all else has been managed.
I won’t accept one way streets of communication that lead to a villainous dead end marked You Don’t See Yourself. 
I welcome truth that seeps through pores with each movement within our cells. 
I usher in loyalty and love that are so powerful that others don’t approach it’s boundaries with desires of contamination. 
I reflect scars that remind me to take it a moment at a time while striving for more as I’m clothed in compassion. 
I….I’ve expressed enough for now 

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