Ten Reasons: Corny Love 101


Ten items…not all but only a few…a small dose of why I Love You 

One hello after a long period of time. No motive. The expression of greetings to a friend 

Two years and counting. A friendship that has progressed. Will there be a happy ending to the love that I have professed? 

Three a.m. and the sun smiles upon us. A rooftop conversation. No obligations. Only US

Four beers between the both of us. Giggles turned on with the tap. I kiss your forehead and give your rear an intimate tap. *wink* 

Five. The number of times today that I’ve wanted to hug and kiss your lips. All within five minutes, wow this feeling is a trip. 

Six. The time when our workdays come to an end. Our first thoughts are the presence and longing to connect with each other again. 

Seven degrees above the temperature of the sun. I hope my love makes your insides become something you can’t overcome.

Eight…rather “ate“…mmm, the wings and steaks that we consume. Our midsection will be as round as the cheeks on the meme baboon.

Nine lives that I pray I have with you. 

Ten reasons that don’t even begin to explain exactly why I Love You. 


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