What the what…who the which…why the when

Concept image of a lost and confused signpost against a blue cloudy sky.
Can I get a new destination option? Maybe a route without the signage……


My energy is high and  I’m ready to take on the world. Well, the world that I have been trying to create for so long, or at least merge into. It’s been a slow merge. A merge similar to the forty day and forty night trek in the wilderness….only difference is I can clearly see my vision. So why can’t I seem to arrive where I am headed? Action is consistently applied and just when I think I have made progress….I find out it may have been a mirage tempting me the entire time.

Grasping at the fog for something real will quickly drain the energy, hope, and confidence. It’s a temporary drain but it’s still draining…and cups have to be refilled. My visions and actions are targeted at cups that overflow into streams that form oceans for myself and others. Inhale…May we drown in the prosperity equipped with gills that are able to maneuver within the wonders and come out satisfied and uplifted.

There are times though when I kick the pebble and glance around…wondering if somehow I have lost direction or someone may have stolen my map while I slept. Meh! Unproductive thinking rooted in place. No deal. Let me press on because I can and I will achieve the goal I am working so hard toward.


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