Book Review: Boxes for Beds by Maryann Miller



Book: Boxes for Beds

Author: Maryann Miller

Rating: 4/5, Book Title and Cover aren’t the greatest 



Curiosity Fix / Quick Summary:  Press Me 



Quotes….only a smidge….a sprinkling of words…


“My mamma used to say that a man like that had the devil inside.  Whether it’s from the drink or something else, don’t make any difference. The devil is the devil.”

“A writer’s mind is never at rest.”

“The case went colder than ice cream in a deep freeze.”

“How vulnerable we are. In one quick instant, our whole lives can be destroyed.”


My Thoughts:

This is another unpredictable read so it earned a thumbs up for me. Let me borrow your thumbs and we will have double.

From beginning to end, it was wonderful, clear, and purposeful writing that was not difficult to follow. This story is a perfect example of how unresolved issues in the past can, and will, come back and munch on your…hind parts.

Set in 1961 in Arkansas, a “northerner” returns to and is quickly reminded how being an outsider can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it takes an outsider to get the job done in a community that is content with “the same ole same ole”. From dirty cops, mobsters, and dead babies to bath houses, attics, and bookstores, the pictures of each person and scene are beautifully painted for you.

I particularly like the insight given regarding the civil rights movement and the experiences of blacks during that time period. I have read many books in which this tidbit was left out, even though it was a major part of history during the south around the time frame of the book. As reminded in the book, maybe it is time for people to start thinking outside of themselves and consider the experiences of others. Food for thought and action.

Back on track, you will not guess who the nutcase is in this book? There are a few to pick from. You may have one in your community. If so, you might want to pack up and head for the hills. Just kidding.

Happy Reading. Maybe, you can also offer some suggestions of what you would have named this book and potential cover art. Baby go Bye-Bye perhaps…


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